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Since the revised changes have been announced by the Department of Health, North West Ostomy Supplies (NWOS) have been inundated with questions from pharmacies wanting advice on what they need to do now and the changes they are required to make.

NWOS have been working with the Department of Health during the consultation period and have modified and improved the current Agency Scheme process to enable all current users to migrate across to our New Appliance Partnership. The New Appliance Partnership ensures continuity in providing patients with the service they value and reply upon.

Not only will the New Appliance Partnership enable both existing Agency Scheme users to continue to benefit from working closely together, but it is also designed to help enable those contractors of who don't currently utilise such an arrangement.

If you require any further information or wish to sign up to the New Appliance Partnership then please email: or call our free phone number on 0800 316 7117.

The NWOS Appliance Partnership can provide Pharmacy Contractors with an opportunity to offer a 'shared care' service to rival that of a 'direct to patient' provider. This ensures the patient has a consistently high level of service supported by a specialist as well as the safety and assurance of dealing directly with a healthcare professional.

The features and benefits of the NWOS Appliance Partnership:

In addition, the NWOS Appliance Scheme can provide contractors with:

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